Lab-scale Autoclaves

Lab-scale Autoclave


Working space 900mm dia & 1000mm length
Max. temperature 200°C
Max. pressure 7 bar(g)
Heating rate 0 to 3°C per min
Cooling rate 3°C per min (Avg)
Max. vaccum at source 3 mbar
Total power rating 23kW







Salient features:

  • Auto, semi-auto & manual modes of operation
  • Fail-safe & simple to operate
  • Quick-lock door without lock-ring
  • Compact & skid mounted
  • High efficiency pressurized fan motor with health monitoring
  • Creep & oxidation resistant high temperature heating elements
  • SS tubular heat exchanger with fins for better heat transfer
  • Exhaust silencer for noise reduction
  • Pressurization with built-in compressor & storage tank